Name Game


When we first moved to the Cayman Islands from Turks & Caicos over 21 years ago, shopping venues were limited. It was always our dream to open a store that would be frequented by the local community as well as become a “must see” destination for visiting tourists. After working a variety of jobs/careers, we felt it was time to take the plunge. We did our research on what we thought the island needed, sourced clothing brands, found a location…and then it was time to pick a name. One sunny Sunday morning our 9-month-old daughter was playing on the sun porch, we were laughing and calling her funny monkey, silly monkey, funky monkey... “AH HAH,“ it came to us, “Funky Monkey” was the perfect name for our new business. And so our great adventure began…Thank you, friends and patrons for making our journey such a joy!

Funky Monkey
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